Bent Wheel Repair

Experiencing problems with your wheels? Come to our store and see Dr. Rim. We are the experts you need for your bent wheel. Our technicians straighten bent rims and repair all cosmetic wheel damage. We have fixed hundreds of bent wheels/rims in the city of Orlando and its surrounding areas. Dr. Rim has the experience you can trust when it comes to fixing bent rims. When the wheel is bent but not noticeable, over time it can cause other issues on your vehicle or tires.

The tires can leak slowly and even become deformed. Also, your vehicle will start to vibrate especially while going at a high velocity. It is important that you straighten your rims to avoid any further damage to them and to avoid stress to vital suspension parts. Taking care of bent rim problems should be done sooner than later, saving you money and problems in the future.

At Dr. Rim, We guarantee after servicing your rim, it will be round, hold air when mounted onto the tire and it will be properly high speed balanced.

At our store, we straighten Alloy, Steel, Aluminum and Chrome rims.